Travel Postcards for Adventure Company
Since the 1940’s Morrisons has been a family owned company offering lodging, dining, rafting, and fishing adventures on southern Oregon’s Rogue River. As a way to portray the beauty of the region, that it's a historic area, great for families and outdoor adventure, Marketing Director Gertz pitched the idea to the team of creating a campaign around the vintage 40s/50s travel posters. It could run as Google ads, social, print ads, and on the website.

The challenge: There was not enough diverse imagery to effectively do each service category (hiking, fishing, rafting, etc.) across a large campaign.

The resolution: The team at Design! By Kiltz decided to start with a postcard that would launch as Morrison’s annual holiday card. Moving forward, it could be used as a postcard for purchase as a guest keepsake in their gift shop or free as part of lodging welcome kit. It would be a wonderful addition to the Morrisons branding to have a specialized hand designed, local artist piece to reinforce their brand message. 

Concept: Morrison's name written across the front in large block letters with images in each letter that combine all of their services (fishing, rafting, hiking, dining) they offer, in a stylized or artistic way. If needed, images could be composed from two letters to make them more identifiable.

The Process: 
After brainstorming and sketching to find the best solution, I pitched the idea to Morrisons. With the price estimate and timeline I put together, the client approved. First, mockups were created and reworked to find the right images for the card. Once approved, Dan the artist set to work on illustration. I presented updates and artwork to Morrisons for approvals. I designed the back of the card to optimize for the best use of space, being aware of postage and clear zones. I gathered price quotes for printing and verified the mailing list was prepped for direct mailing (ensuring addresses are valid, cleaning any case format issues so it looks ‘pretty’ when printed, etc.). After the client approved the artwork, I completed the card design by adding the artwork and the Morrisons logo to the front. With the final proofs of the card approved by the client, I submitted the design to the printing vendor.

Client: Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures and Lodge
Agency: Design! by Kiltz Internet Solutions​​​​​​​
Marketing Director & Copywriter: Meredith Gertz
Creative Director & Designer (my role): Kerith Reid
Cover Illustration Artist: Dan Kennedy

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