A New Kind of Coming Soon Website
One major issue with most “coming soon” websites is that there is so little there, potential customers or followers will leave never to return. Artist Hope Weaver had a list of things she wanted to build into an expansive website, but wanted to utilize the press she was already getting to grow her following. She needed a website NOW! I proposed a different kind of “coming soon” website for her: a site that was as simple as a traditional coming soon page but had as much detail as a one page website. 

The Solution: A page with all the vital pieces so that every type of visitor could find something of value to them.
   • An interactive gallery at the top of the page allows potential customers to explore some of her work. To protect her work, all images are right click protected and watermarked. 
  • Current followers can learn what services she offers and will be offering on her upcoming site. Links to her social media allows visitors easy access to follow her on other platforms. 
  • And potential customers can read testimonials and reach out via the contact information to purchase artwork or commission a piece.

" Kerith is the web designer of my website and I am thrilled with her skills, her creativity is inspiring.  If you need your own website I highly recommend her! Totally wonderful and delightful." 
~Hope Weaver
Artist & Owner of Art of Hope Color Therapy
Client: Art of Hope
Agency: Kering Impressions​​​​​​​
Design & Development (my role): Kerith Reid

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