Email Marketing for a Custom Closet Company
Portland Closet is one of the top custom closet & storage designers in the greater Portland and Vancouver area. They were looking to improve their marketing efforts to increase sales. One area we saw for improvement was email marketing. They weren’t doing any. They were not taking advantage of their owned media and nurturing the relationship with current clients by using email marketing.

The Process: 
The Design! By Kiltz team took a database download from Insightly, setup a Mailchimp account, broke the data into groups by year and scrubbed old data, then removed spam traps and dead emails from the list. In addition, we created KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for the program so that we could measure the success of the communications over time. We created simple templates for ease of use by non-designers, created a series of content for mailings, and performed testing on mailings we sent out. My role also included creating a unified visual identity system and custom graphics for emails.

The Results: 
Open Rate – Customers at the 3 year mark were the most consistently engaged with their messaging, with an average open rate of 32.09%, making them the best audience for retargeting. All lists consistently ranked several percentage points above industry average for engagement.
Click Through Rate –The “call-to-action” in all of our emails had been to call and set up a consultation. While this wasn’t the strongest CTA, it was effective with their customers, bringing in an average of 50% higher CTR than industry average.

Client: Portland Closet
Agency: Design! by Kiltz Internet Solutions
Email Marketing Director & Copywriter: Meredith Gertz
Graphic Designer (my role): Kerith Reid

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